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Neutronix Ltd has the tools an the know-how to design PCBs of any complexity, we have experience in the following markets: Diagnostics, telecom, Industrial, medical, automations, consumer, etc. It does not matter how big or small your PCB may be, we can offer a 24 hours quotation.

PCB Design Expert

Neutronix supply a professional PCB Design Services to the electronic industry, We have provided our services in UK and Europe offering only top quality services.

Why choose us?

We are flexible and able to assign extra effort for your design when required. We invest only in top edge CAD, e.g. Altium Designer. We have a deep understanding of SI and EMC and we will not disappoint you.

 We are experts in: 

  • High speed multilayer PCB layout with matched impedance, matched length (single and differential)
  • Good undertanding of cross talk, Singnal Integrity and Power Distribution Network (PDN)
  • Power routes on Analog and RF Systems.
  • EMC reduction due to Differential Mode loop and Common Mode loops.
  • PCB Layers definition to minimize differential mode emissions and maximize radiated imunity.
  • Flexy and SemiFlexy PCB.
  • Low signal Analog signal integrity.
  • In Circuit Test Point (EC with Test Mate)
  • CPU - DDR2 - DDR3 Interface Design.
  • High Density SMD components (BGA, TVLA, PCI, PCIe, etc.)
  • PCB with internal cut out, Panel design.
  • Micro vias, Blind Vias. Vias design with different inner pad sizeand shape.

What Our Clients Say


Richard Sayer

We originally engaged Neutronix to create a new layout for a PCB that had been amended in house to address noise problems. It was soon very apparent that Francesco's skills, abilities and knowledge were going to provide far more than just a layout. We worked closely with him to review the whole architecture of the PCB to address several problems that Francesco had identified. What we ended up with was infinitely better than we had started with. All was completed within the quoted timescales. I cannot fault the quality of work, communication and general service. Francesco is a very talented professional and a charming person to deal with. To anyone considering using Neutronix I say do it. You will not regret it.

Costain, Principal System Engineer

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