Hardware in the Cloud
(Internet Of Things)

Neutronix is aiming to specilise in Hardware Cloud connected! In todays world it is not uncommon that hardware needs to send information remotely. The applications are illimited, for example; you can tell your customer that their equipment is getting damaged before the time, or you can read the speed of all your cars in real time!

The full service we offer

Full IoT design Cycle

Step 1
We design Embedded Hardware for you

Step 2 
We write an APP that talks with your hardware, or let your hardware to make an internet REST call

Step 3 
We design a Cloud based server that talks with your hardware

STep 4
you get your data in Real Time (anywere)

Great Testimonials from Great Cusetomers


Jonathan Million

Neutronix put the client first! We have worked with them for the last 2 years developing a breakthrough innovation from the ground up. Francesco is incredibly knowledgeable, forward thinking and patient, challenging the project at every step to ensure his design will deliver to the objectives. They are fast, high quality and cost effective, we will have a partnership with Neutronix for many years to come, 5 stars!

CEO, Blue Yonder

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