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Electronic Design Services

At Neutronix Ltd, we have extensive experience in designing bespoke electronic boards. We can help you with the entire development cycle, from concept to production. We will not just give you a design, but a competitive product to release and sell to your target market. 

Our engineers have over 18 years experience in designing electronics and PCB Layout. Neutronix Ltd specializes in cost-effective embedded electronic design and development for customers requiring high-reliability solution with aggressive timelines. Neutronix has strong expertise in FPGA development, Embedded Linux board design, 32-bit  microprocessor design, and much more!  

Typical Design Process

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In a typical scenario our customer knows what he wants and describe to us. We create 2 documents which describe how the design will be done, tested. We include timescale and costs. Once these documents are approved we start designing the board... (see next Tab)

Using specialized software (Altium) we create the schematic and the Printed Circuit Board and  the outcome of this phase is the creation of the PCBA Manufacturing files which are sent to our trusted PCBA partners to manufacturing... (see next Tab)

Once we have completed the design, as we said in the previously, we manufacture a few prototypes using a few trusted PCBA houses. We usually receive the board back from them in 15 - 30 days... (see next tab)

Once we receive the board back from our PCBA subcontractor we start testing our board. This is done according to a prearranged Testing Plan supplied to our customer prior to the beginning of design. We finally ship the prototypes to our customer.

Great Testimonials from Great Cusetomers


Roman Di Lullo

Nebula Systems come to Neutronix with a requrement to design the most advanced automotve cloud diagostic system on the planet. We helped Nebula in designing the Hardware,
Neutronix, has since, worked with Nebula Systems in all their design.
Thank you Nebula for trusting us all these years!

CEO, Nebula Systems

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