Some of our most succesful design are for the diagnostic industries (automotive sector). Just as example, in this sector we helped a key customer of us to succesfully deliver the best car diagnostic tool (clould based) in the market. 
The diagnostic industry is very competitive and always at the edge, it doesn't matter if you are a start up or a bluechip company, we are always happy to assist you.

Expert in

Full control of Hardware and Software

Save time and money by having the hardware and software to be done under the same roof. We control for you and with you all the  development process.

Cloud means control

With a cloud based solution you'll get full control of all your devices in the field.
Reduce the risk of reverse engineering!


In competitive markets, cost is vital! We can help you reducing the costs of your product without lose in quality.

Reduce the cost

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What our Clients say


Oliver Maynard

Neutronix's team is incredibly knowledgeable and very reliable. I have worked with Neutronix on a number of projects and the company has delivered an excellent product each time..

Crypta Labs, CTO

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