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Designing for EMC

25 March 2018

Understanding EMC is fundamental for every electronic engineer.

Neutronix is an electronic consultant company and we assist our cliensts pass EMC testing.
EMC is still seen as "black magic", If you'll follow us  in our EMC blog you will see why so many product goes wrong. We will see that most rule of thumbs are wrong and, unfortunately, still followed from many electronic engineers.  If you want to improve your skills on this are follow us, we will give you all the instruments for you to improve.
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Electronic for space

18 March 2018

If you are an electronic engineer you may found these notes useful.

Space is a hostile enviroment for electronic devices, and the radiation effects on components can reduce the life expectancy electronic devices drastically. We wrote some notes  aimed to show the design engineer what to consider when designing electronics in a radioactive enviroment. You will learn here, why and how digital electronics are so fragile in space, and why some technologies should not be used.
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