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PCB Design Services

PCB Design

Neutronix has the tools an the know-how to design PCBs of any complexity, we have experience in the follwoing markets: telecom, automotive, biomedical, automations, consumer, etc. It doesn not matter how big or small your PCB may be, we can offer a 24 hours quotation.

PCB Design Expert

Neutronix supply a professional PCB Design Services to the electronic industry, We have provided our services in UK and Europe offering only top quality services.


Why choose us?

We are flexible and able to assign extra effor for your design when required. We invest only in top edge CAD, e.g. Altium Designer. We have a deep understanding of SI and  EMC and we will not disappoint you.

PCB Design Service Flowchart

How we design.

Altium Designer

Due to the high customer demand we use almost exclusively Altium Designer. Thanks to this state of art tool we are capable to deliver highly complex designs.

Schematic Capture

We accept the schematic  in different formats, sketched on paper, Altium, Orcad, Easy PC, and any other tool supported by Altium.

PCB Library

We have our own library, maintened by us and tested against previous design. On request we use a third party library. We will supply at the end of the project the library used in the design.

PCB stack up

For each design we design an unique PCB stackup. Our suggestions are aimed to control EMI/EMC,  improve SI  and overall quality.

PCB Layout

We can design Analog, mixed,  RF, Flexi or high speed with controlled impedance.  We have experience in blind and buried via, micro-via, BGA and TVLA. PCB layout for DDR memory, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gig SERDES, PCI, PCI-e, USB.

PCB Manufacturing output

Full Documentation with : NC drill, gerbers, Assembly Drawing, 3D PCB view, BOM, Pick And Place file, Assembly notes.

We are expert in 

  • High speed multilayer PCB layout with matched impedance, matched length (single and differential)
  • Good undertanding of cross talk, Singnal Integrity and Power Distribution Network (PDN)
  • Power routes on Analog and RF Systems
  • EMC reduction due to Differential Mode loop and Common Mode loops
  • PCB Layers definition to minimize differential mode emissions and maximize radiated imunity
  • Flexy and SemiFlexy PCB
  • Low signal Analog signal integrity
  • In Circuit Test Point (EC with Test Mate)
  • CPU - DDR2 - DDR3 Interface Design
  • High Density SMD components (BGA, TVLA, PCI, PCIe, etc.)
  • PCB with internal cut out, Panel design.
  • Micro vias, Blind Vias. Vias design with different inner pad sizeand shape


Bicester Innovation Centre, 
Telford rd, 
OX26 4LD


Email: info@neutronix-ltd.co.uk 
Phone: +33 (0) 333 123 1245


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