Electronics 4 Space

A few articles about Design Electronics for Space Application

Space is a hostile environment for electronic devices, and the radiation effects on components can reduce the life expectancy of electronic devices drastically. We wrote some notes aimed to show the design engineer what to consider when designing electronics in a radioactive enviroment. You will learn here, why and how digital electronics are so fragile in space, and why some technologies should not be used.

What is covered?

1. Raditaion types ( alpha, Beta, gamma, X-Ray)

2. Long term radiation damage (TID)

3. Short term radiation effect (SEE)

4 How to simulate Total Ionization Dose (TID)

5 How to simulate Single Event Effect (SEE)

6 TID effect on CMOS

7 TID effect on BJT

9 TID effect on Operationa Amplifier

10 How to simulate TID with Spice

11 How to simulate SEE with Spice

  1. An Introduction to Radiation Effect on Electronic Devices - In this presentation is shown how components get damaged due to Total Ionization Effect or TID, the main components (shown in this presentations) are BJT, CMOS, OPTO you can download the presentation here : radiation effects on components part 1 
  2. How SEE can damage an Operational Amplifier - it is generally believed that SEE can't damage an operational amplifier, we show in this presentation the opposite. You can download the presentation here: SEE on Operational Amplifier 
  3. Radiation effect on CMOS  circuits -  This presentation shows in more details what are the TID effect on CMOS devices, you can download the presentation here: radiation effect on components part 2 (CMOS)
  4. How simulate a Single Event Effect on a BJT - This article explaines a way to simulate SEE.  
  5. How to simulate the Total Ionization Dose on BJT - This article explains a way to simulate with SPICE the radiation effect on a BJT
  6. Radiation effect on Analog Circuits - In this presentation (the most difficult perhaps) shows TID effect on an amplifier, you can download the presentation here: radiation effect on components part 3 


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