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Electronic & Software Design Services

Neutronix Ltd offer Electronic design services and Software development for a variety of markets. We have experience in telecoms, automotive, industrial, consumer market, diagnostic and instrumentation. With our facilities, experience and know-how, we have all the resources to design your next custom product and offer the very best service at a competitive price. We have an in-depth understanding of Electronics, Embedded Software, PCB Layout and FPGA design which will make us your best development partner, no matter how small or big your design is.

Some of our customers


Electronic Design Service 

Neutronix is a cost effective solution for any kind of  electronic design, PCB layout and FPGA development. We assist companies in developing their original ideas and bringing them to market.
We are specialized in designing electronic products for clients of any size. We can provide solutions as simple as a single circuit board design to full product design, including software, mechanics and support during production. We offer a wide range of experience and skills which has led us to supply successful designs to our customers.


Software Development 

Neutronix offer Software and firmware development services for Windows, Android and Linux.
We have extensive experience across a range of vendors, like Microchip, Cypress, Intel, Silabs, ST.  Our clients are typically the small/medium companies who don’t have the internal resources to design their products in house.
We can be very competitive compared with similar companies in the marketplace.  


FPGA Design Service

Neutronix can bring your FPGA design to life. Most of our experience is with the Xilinx FPGA, in particlar the Spartan and Virtex Series. We have our own  VHDL library that accelerates the development time and at same time minimizes the coding and the cost of development. We give a copy of the used library to our customer at the end of the design. We give, free of charge, some of our previous IP, like 1G/10G MAC to our customers.


PCB and PCBA Prototyping Services 

We offer PCB and PCBA prototyping services. We can offer from 5 to 15 days turnaround for PCB and PCBA board. Both services are higly competitive in price and quality.


"We originally engaged Neutronix to create a new layout for a PCB that had been amended in house to address noise problems. It was soon very apparent that Francesco's skills, abilities and knowledge were going to provide far more than just a layout. We worked closely with him to review the whole architecture of the PCB to address several problems that Francesco had identified. What we ended up with was infinitely better than we had started with. All was completed within the quoted timescales. I cannot fault the quality of work, communication and general service. Francesco is a very talented professional and a charming person to deal with. To anyone considering using Neutronix I say do it. You will not regret it."

Richard Sayer
Principal Systems Engineer, Costain

"We have worked with Neutronix for almost 2 years now, and they have always delivered quality designs, within time and budget. Neutronix has become a key electronic design partner for Nebula Systems, helping us bring to market innovative solutions in the Connected Car space."

Roman Di Lullo
CEO Nebula Systems

"Neutronix is incredibly knowledgeable and very reliable. I have worked with Neutronix on a number of projects and the company has delivered an excellent product each time.."

Oliver Maynard
CTO Cryptalabs



Bicester Innovation Centre, 
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Phone: +33 (0) 333 123 1245


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